Our story

The problem

Finn Recycling was founded in Urjala, Finland in 2013 by people who had been working with sand foundries for a long time. They had seen the difficulties that foundries were experiencing with disposing of this waste material to landfills and how the virgin sand had to be imported from great distances. They decided to do something about it – and they did.

The solution

Together with Aalto University, Finn Recycling launched a development project that resulted in a sand regeneration process based on a thermal method. The results were excellent: over 80% of the sand could be re-used, and the sand specifications were as good as or better than the original.

The mission

Since its launch, the thermal sand regeneration process has gained a lot of attention worldwide. As the sand gets scarcer and legislation stricter, the time is just right for the new kind of thinking. Today, Finn Recycling offers both the equipment for the sand regeneration and offers it also as a service. Either way, the goal is set: 100% sand recycling rate


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For investors

Worldwide, the foundries alone produce 100 million tons of waste sand every year. Almost none of it is reused, making it an immense untapped resource. Regenerating the used sand on-site creates immediate savings in raw material costs, transport cost as well as dump costs – while reducing the carbon footprint of the entire foundry operation. All this, combined with the new and stricter legislation, paves the way for sand recycling pioneers such as Finn Recycling.

The patented sand regenerating method by Finn Recycling combines thermal and mechanical sand treatment for turning used sand from expenditure to an asset. We are always looking for partners to develop our products further and make a global impact faster. The time is right for a new kind of thinking – join our mission for 100% sand recycling rate.

Toni Wesin, COO