Sand recycling

Four years ago, we started a project. Our goal was to find a way to save one of the natural resources; sand.

YLE’s article states that sand is world’s most desired natural resource after water. Our industries need it to make e.g. concrete, glass and industrial filters. In foundries it is a crucial component for the mould manufacturing process.

Previously in the foundry industry we couldn’t use the sand more than once. After use, the old used sand was practically landfill waste due to the binder residues which are often considered hazardous waste.

Our company has developed a method to process this used foundry sand and the resulting reclaimed sand is so pure that it can be reused in the foundry process. This way we can use the same sand more than once and we don’t need new sand as much as earlier. Also the landfills won’t pointlessly fill up with an important natural resource.

If you have any questions of our process, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to hear from you!