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The new way of reclaiming your sand

As quality sand is getting scarce, the sand regenerating is more and more a sensible option. The new on-site sand regenerating solution by Finn Recycling represents a new kind of thinking, giving you complete control over your sand.

By reclaiming your sand you will…

…get integrated sand processing

Until today, most sand regenerating solutions rely on long transports and external processing facilities. With the new solution by Finn Recycling, the sand regeneration is integrated to your process with on-site machinery – enabling you a complete control over the specifications of your sand.

…always have the best possible sand

With the thermal regeneration process perfected by Finn Recycling, the sand specifications can be as high as needed – equaling or surpassing the properties of virgin material.

…save on sand-related costs

With the sand regeneration solution provided by Finn Recycling, you can cut the sand-related costs up to 50% with less need for virgin material, transport and dumping.

…save on CAPEX

The sand regeneration solution by Finn Recycling does not call for big investments on machinery – the necessary units are leased with maintenance as a service.

…go sustainable

Sustainable practices are more and more a demand on the global market. With the sand regenerating solution by Finn Recycling, you save the natural resources and reduce your carbon footprint. The time to reclaim your sand is now!

Coming: fall 2021

Watch this space for the big launch!