Contact Information

Finn Recycling Oy

Street Address:
Metallitie 11
31760 Urjala

Tel. 040 1835 744


Operator: OpusCapita Group Oy – Itella (003710948874)
E-invoicing Address: 003725575513
OVT Code: 003725575513

If you cannot send electronic invoices, please send paper invoices to:
Finn Recycling Oy (OpusCapita scanning service)
P.O. Box 94940
0063 LASKUNET, Finland

In order for the scanning service to be able to identify your invoice, please include this invoicing address on the invoice itself and not just on the envelope. This invoicing address is only for invoicing purposes, so please send leaflets and other marketing materials to the old postal address.

Address of Finn Recycling Oy email scanning service:

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Toni Wesin
Sales and Purchases
Tel. 040 9606 281

Seppo Wesin
Tel. 040 356 0910

Jukka Nieminen
Sand Recycling
Tel. 040 484 0280