Finn Recycling Oy

Established in 2013, Finn Recycling Oy is a family-owned company specializing in the recycling of scrap metal for customers in the foundry and steel manufacturing industries as well as in different demolition works. However, the company’s management has over a decade’s worth of experience in the foundry industry and in the supply of raw materials used in foundries, which made the move to offering sand treatment services for foundries smooth and natural.

Based in Urjala, Finland, the company purchased new business premises in an old glass factory in Nuutajärvi in 2016, where a new development project to examine methods to treat waste sand was launched. Finn Recycling Oy partnered with Aalto University in the project, which resulted in a unique thermal regeneration process of sand which is now used to recycle and reuse waste sand that in the past would have been disposed of in landfill.

From an Old Glass Factory to a Modern Recycling Facility!

Finn Recycling Oy treats silica sand in a glass factory in Nuutajärvi. Silica sand is also the primary raw material used in glass manufacturing.

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A More Environmentally Friendly Future for the Foundry Industry

Here at Finn Recycling Oy, our objective is to be the forerunner of the industry by setting an example of how to work towards a more environmentally friendly future. We want to be the leading producer of recycling solutions and recycled materials in the field of sand-based products in Finland and abroad.

We got the idea to regenerate and reuse foundry sand because foundries used to dispose of the sand used in casting, which is contaminated with binding agents, to landfill. Steel foundries also naturally had to replace the sand by importing more sand from Europe, because the suitable grade of sand is not available closer to Finland. When working with foundries, it became very apparent to the management of Finn Recycling Oy how big of a problem waste sand and the disposal of it was for the foundries. You can read more about the environmental challenges that foundries face here.

The main partner of the sand regeneration development project was Aalto University, but Finn Recycling’s customers were also actively involved in the project. Consequently, the reuse of sand, or “thermal regeneration”, was met with great interest by the customers straight from the start. In the regeneration process, waste sand is purified, after which it can be reused in foundries or power plants.

Finn Recycling Oy has been involved in numerous environmental projects, including:

  • Recycling in Casting Process (together with Business Finland)
  • Green Foundry (together with EU Life)
  • Making Sand Printing More Versatile (together with Aalto University)
  • Replacing Chromite with Bauxite (together with Aalto University and other partners)
  • Updating BAT Documentation of Foundries (together with the European Commission)

For more information about these projects, please refer to this file.

Supplying Foundry Sand with a Customer-First Principle

When it comes to development projects, we never rest on our laurels. We want to create added value for our customers, promote material recycling, and seek new alternatives to using virgin raw materials, which all lessen the burden on the environment. Because of our principles, it is no wonder that our customers have been happy with our ability to quickly overcome even the most difficult challenges using innovative methods.

Comprehensive sand treatment services are our bread and butter. In practice, this means that we provide our customers with all the services they require for the sand they use from treatment to logistics. We treat foundry sand, sand used in waterjet cutting, and sand used as bed material in power plants as well as all of the traded products we represent.


Finn Recycling Oy is founded on the principles of good customer service, growth, and innovations.

For us, good customer service means that the customer is always at the center of the services we provide and that we strive to overcome our customer’s challenges and problems for them, which results in cooperation that benefits both parties.

Growth is a goal we are systematically and actively working towards. We want to advance the industry on an ever-increasing scale, meaning that we do not rest on our laurels and that we strive to surpass the current level.

To us, being innovative means having an open-minded attitude, questioning the status quo, and finding new solutions. We have a deep understanding of what our customers want and need, which helps us to develop new and better technical solutions.

Would you like to support sustainable development in the foundry industry? Get in touch and tell us what you need and together we can develop a service package to meet your needs!