It is time to rethink the
way we use it.

After water, sand is the most essential resource on the planet. Once cheap and abundant, the usable sand for industrial applications is getting scarce. At the same time, the foundries alone landfill a hundred million tons of waste sand every year.


The time for new thinking is NOW.

More life for every grain

At Finn Recycling, we develop solutions for getting more out of your sand. The first stage has been completed and we have done thermal regeneration for spent sands several years as a service for foundries.

The next step is on now – offering you the machinery for gaining complete control over your own sand.

In Europe alone, foundries use
1.7 billion
euros for sand.

This cost could be reduced significantly.

Sand regeneration can reduce sand related CO2 emissions nearly

Our goal: 100% Sand Recycling Rate

Valuable sand deserves to be treated for reuse – again and again. Finn Recycling is on a mission for more sustainable sand use. After years of perfecting a method for thermal regeneration of foundry sand, we are ready to change the way the sand is used.

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